About Yes!!!

The idea for Big Bold Be-youuuuuu-tiful YES!!! came to me in the wee hours. One of those thoughts that drift in between sleep and waking. One that I couldn’t ignore.   I needed another blog like I needed another dog…which means of course I said YES!

Because I loves me my dogs. Blogs. I really do.

And blogs don’t poop in the house.

My other blog, Arty Life, can be accessed over head in the nav bar. It’s about Art, Life and Everything in between. I post there two or three times a week. Do check it out.

But Big Bold Beautiful YES!!! is a different story. I realized as I began writing the first post that this is going to be a little meatier. A once a week version at the most. I’m going to dig a little deeper here, challenging myself and you, dear readers and instant BFFs, challenging us to reach inside, pull out those dreams and ACT ON THEM.

You can start with baby steps, Or right out the gate with the big one. It’s up to you. But whatever you choose to do, saying YES!!! is the first step.

Saying YES!!! with your big girl voice is even better.

Better yet is saying YES!!! BOLDLY. An all caps YES!!! that tells the world you’re growing a pair. Girl version. Because we don’t need hairy sweaty man parts to succeed in life.

Unless you’re a man, of course. Because some of you might be men. And that’s good. But I’m assuming when you reach the stage of BOLD YES!!!  you’ll just become more…manly. In a good way.

And after we’re comfortable with our Big YES!!! and our BOLD YES!!! we reach the stage of Beautiful YES!!! Oh my best beloved sweetums, we will be singing inside, lit up from within by the sheer joy  that comes from living our dream.

Because we can. It’s NOT out of reach.

I invite you to challenge yourself and join me here. Join in the conversation and help this community of like minded adventurous souls to grow!